Celebrate Your Success

Well done!

You’ve done everything in your power to set yourself up for SEO success.

How does it feel?

At this point you should have:
Written and published your main piece & supporting pieces of content!
If you haven’t done that yet, go and do it now because you cannot continue until you have.

You have a content creation process that’s easy to:

  1. Replicate
  2. Outsource
  3. Improve on

This really is the hardest part of the entire process. But, now it’s done!

At this point you should really give yourself a pat on the back because we have-

  • Learned about the most common SEO problems
  • Completed our topic research
  • Built an intelligent topic driven keyword strategy
  • Set everything up for SEO success from Google Analytics to things like alerts
  • Found and fixed all of your on site SEO problems
  • Greatly improved user experience and conversion rates
  • Integrated structured data and rich snippets
  • Made your site faster than ever before
  • Learned about which content frameworks to use and when
  • Created writing guidelines
  • The power to create writing specifications on demand
  • A Trello board and process to outsource and manage writers
  • Learned how to find and hire excellent writers
  • Made our content “pop” so it’s engaging and attracts links
  • Figured out how to create custom graphics easily
  • Learned how to create perfectly optimised SEO content everytime


Congratulations on everything you have achieved in the first half of the course.

You really have come a long way!

But we still have to cover:

  • How to drive targeted traffic to any piece of content on demand
  • How to get targeted link building opportunities direct to your inbox
  • How to get your new content featured on other websites in your niche
  • The 2x link building strategies that deliver 80% of our results
  • How to systemize those link building strategies
  • The simple trick we use to nearly guarantee opens and replies to our outreach
  • How to super charge your supporting content
  • 8 other link building strategies you can use if all else fails
  • The quick win SEO process we use to move the needle quickly
  • How to measure your success to guide your future decisions
  • What to do once this 90 day cycle is complete!

And if you signed up to 90 Day SEO Pro, I’m also going to share your bonus tutorial with you:

If you would like to upgrade your account from Basic to Pro at a cost of $300, please get in touch with support. It also includes unlimited private consulting with Matthew Woodward for 6 weeks!

At the end of the program:

You’ll have a complete a repeatable SEO strategy that you can apply to any site, no matter where you are starting from.

So with that said:

First you should take some time to relax and celebrate what you’ve achieved – you really do deserve it!

And once you’re ready, I’ll see you in the next module.

If you do not have access to weeks 7-12 yet, these will become available 30 days after enrollment. I’ll send you an email as soon as I open it up.

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