Creating Custom Graphics

Written content is part of the battle…

But not all of it.

Custom graphics can help enhance your content and increase traffic.

Here I’ll show you why you need them and how to make them.

Why Create Custom Graphics?

In past modules, I’ve shown you the impact images can have on your content using:

  • Screenshots
  • GIFs
  • Graphs
  • Charts

All of which can add context and value.Custom graphics those effects.

When used correctly they can:

  • Make content more engaging
  • Increase shareability
  • Attract backlinks
  • Generate more social media traffic
  • Help you build an online brand

Custom graphic benefits

What Type Of Custom Graphics Should You Create?

There are several types of graphics you should be creating.

The 1st is featured images:

internal link building

These are ‘hero’ images that’ll display at the top of your blog post and on social media:

pasted image 0

Their goal is to attract attention and traffic.

The 2nd is to create tutorial graphics:

pasted image 0 37 2

These images are typically summaries of tutorial stages. You can also use them as social media updates.

The 3rd is to create infographics:

These are visual versions of your content. It includes all of the major points in one image.

They’re HIGHLY linkable and shareable.

How To Create Custom Graphics Yourself

There are multiple ways you can create custom graphics, each with their own pros and cons.

Do It Yourself

The DIY approach is best if you’re on a budget or you’re good at design.

Tools like:

Let you create professional designs at a low cost.

They offer a wide range of templates you can use for free. You can also buy stock images for around $1.

Hire Someone

If you don’t have an artistic bone in your body like me, you can hire someone.

Platforms like:

Give you access to quality graphic designers to fit a wide range of budgets. You can create graphics as a one-off, or work together on long-term projects.

What I Do…

I use an unlimited graphic design service called Kapa 99.

pasted image 0 37 3

It’s like having a professional in-house design team.

Better still…

You can manage everything through Trello. Just create a card with the details and Voila! – which is exactly what I do when I need writing as well!

Save Time And Money With Templates

Templates are one of my favorite time- and money-saving hacks.

There are types of graphics you’ll use frequently, like:

  • Featured images
  • Social media images

These only require minor tweaks before you publish them, such as swapping out the text or an icon. For this, you can have a designer create an editable template:

2020 01 16 09 32 43

This lets you just jump in and make the changes you need before posting it.

Final Thoughts…

Creating attractive custom graphics doesn’t need to be hard work.

HIGHLY recommend you outsource the creation of graphics as soon as possible. Or, have a designer create easily-editable templates for you.

Then invest in Kapa99 and manage your designers the same way you manage your writers.

Now it’s time to look at how to make your content snapcrackle and POP

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