Fixing Your Technical SEO Problems

Now we have finished fixing all of the problems found in your manual reviews, it’s time to fix all the problems found from your site scan.

These are the ones you found back in this lesson.

Where you used either:

To find any outstanding errors you need to fix.

If you missed that step out, go back and read the module and do it now. What did I tell you about skipping steps at the start of the course, naughty!

But if you are a good student and you did complete that step, let’s get started-

A Closer Look At The Problems

Your tool of choice will have given you a list of problems that you need to pay attention to.

They will look like this in Ahrefs:


This in SEMRush:


Or this in Website Auditor:


This step is pretty simple.

You’re just going to systematically work through this list and fix all the errors presented.

You can do this using the information provided within the tools.

Then repeat the same for the warnings.

Wash, rinse and repeat until you’ve worked through each of them.

If there are any problems you can’t solve:

Then please post in the Facebook Group and provide as much detail as possible along with the URL’s that are having the problem.

Rescan Your Site

Once you’ve worked through the list you’re going to rescan your site and if your anything like me, you’re probably going to need to do this a few times until everything is right.

Eventually your site should come back without any:

  • Errors
  • Warnings

If it comes back with some, then fix them and rescan your site again.

If there are any errors you can’t seem to shake, then drop a message in the Facebook Group with all the details.

Final Thoughts…

You have just completed a step 95% of SEOs miss out on:
 Laying a solid foundation.
Many skip ahead straight to the flashy stuff like link building.

…but then they wonder why their site never seems to rank or they need tons more links than their competitors.

So, be proud of yourself for having the patience to put in the groundwork because I know it isn’t easy.

Tomorrow we’re going to tie one last important loose end…

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