Generating Content Ideas

Up until now we’ve only looked at content in theory.


Now it’s time to come up with some concrete content ideas.
We’re going to:

  • Pick some target keywords
  • Review the SERPs
  • Understand the intent
  • Choose a content framework

I’ll show you some examples for my drone website. But, you’ll need to examine your own results on the [6] Final Strategy tab.

Reviewing Keywords And Generating Ideas

Open your spreadsheet to the [6] Final Strategy tab. from your topic research sheet.

You’ll need to look at the SERPs to see what content ranks for each keyword.

There are 3x questions you need to answer:

  1. What results do you see?
  2. What content framework do you see?
  3. Are the results because of page-level or domain-level metrics?


We don’t want to make random guesses at the answers.

Instead we’re going to use one of my super-secret SEO weapons to get factual answers.

What is it?

The Power of Observation.

You’re going to take each keyword and perform a deep-dive into the SERPs. At this point you might also decide that some keywords aren’t worth focusing on – that’s ok!

Watch how I prioritize the keywords I am going to research first, followed by a deep dive into the SERPS for the selfie drone keyword here-


The key lesson there is:
We like results that rank because of domain-level metrics and not page-level metrics.
(Eg. 50 Domain Rating with 0x page level backlinks.)


Because these results are much easier to rank for!

Click to expand each of the videos below to see how I performed this for the most important keywords in my list:

This will help you get into the right mindset of how to deep dive into the SERPs so please sit back, relax and watch each of them.

Plus I put a timer on the lesson so you have to watch them all to proceed – sorry not sorry!


Foldable mini selfie drone
Real estate drone photography
Drone photography
Mini drone with camera
Best drone for photography
Aerial drone photography

Work Through Your Keyword List And Do The Same

Now, it’s over to you.

Repeat the process you just saw in the videos for your own keywords.

As you go, add comments to these sections:

  • Post type
  • Content ideas
  • Manual review

Here’s what I wrote in mine (you can review my drone sheet here):

pasted image 0 66

The goal here is to generate as many content ideas as possible. They should be RELEVANT to the intent and the results you see in the SERPs.

Don’t worry if you come up with a lot of similar content ideas.

You can see in my list they’re mostly “list of best…” content frameworks but this is different for every niche.

The intent for your keywords will dictate this!

Final Thoughts…

You should now have a concrete list of ideas to work with.

But, before you start creating anything…

We’re going to start eliminating keywords.

This will leave you with a list of content ideas that’ll give you the most bang for your buck.

See you in the next lesson…

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