How To Manage Content Creation

The content creation process can be tricky!  It’s normal for people to struggle or feel overwhelmed by it.

But this is easily avoidable. How?

By creating a workflow to:

  • Visualize the process
  • Keep you organized
  • Assign time-bound tasks

I’m going to show you how to do this using Trello.

How To Manage Content Creation

Trello is a simple free tool that helps you keep track of content creation.

editorial calendar

It is great because it makes it easy to:

  • Collaborate: you can add lots of people to each board
  • Visualize: you can see exact stages of your workflow
  • Communicate: you can leave comments on each card
  • Organize: you can upload files to each card
  • Set deadlines: you can assign deadlines to each card

It also comes with a great mobile app so you can access your content creation process on-the-go.
 I use Trello to organize my entire life!
(My partner did get mad when I created a Trello board for changing our baby’s nappies, though.)

How Trello Works

Trello works by using “boards”. You create a board for individual projects.

Each board is broken down into individual columns. These are the stages of your workflow.

For content creation, you might use these columns:

  • Content ideas: potential pieces from your keywords
  • Content specification: create your content spec for this piece
  • Writing: the content is in-progress
  • Load into WordPress: ready to be added to your site
  • Format post: remove bad code, upload images, make it pretty etc.
  • Final review: last edit before you post
  • Add internal links: link to/from supporting content
  • Revision Required: the post is not ready and needs changes
  • Done: the post is uploaded and published on your site.

Once you have your columns in place, you can create an interactive card. These cards represent each individual piece of content:

2020 01 15 14 13 02

The card needs a minimum of a headline. I recommend you include your target word count in the headline to keep an overview of your current content load!

I also like to put a link to the content specification document for quick reference.

As you progress, you can add:

  • Comments
  • Relevant links
  • Images
  • Files

Once you have completed a stage of your workflow, you can just drag-and-drop the card to the next section:

giphy 2

Download The Template

I have created a Trello board template for you here.

To use it you’ll need to create a copy of it. Go to:

Show Menu > More > Copy Board

You can then rename the board for your content process:

pasted image 0 29

Add Your Content

Next you just need to add your content to your copy of the board.

To create a card just click the Add a card button in the column.

pasted image 0 28

Create a card for each piece of content and then paste a link to the relevant content specification document in Google docs into the description.

In the end it should look something like this:

Final Thoughts…

Whether you write the content yourself or outsource it…

You have now built a simple system to help manage and streamline your content creation process.

But let’s take a closer look at how you can outsource all of your content creation because this is often a bottleneck to growth.

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