Optimising For Search

The last step we need to take is to OPTIMIZE your content for search.

Don’t worry…

This won’t take long. It just boils down to a simple 2x step process, using some tools you’re already familiar with.

Use RankMath or Yoast SEO

I said it in earlier modules and I’ll say it again now…

You MUST use either RankMath or Yoast SEO if you want to rank effectively. They’re free, and there is no excuse to not install them on your site!

When editing your post you can scroll to the bottom and set your keyword:

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You should then follow the optimization advice they give you until you achieve a score of at least 85:

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You must understand that both RankMath and Yoast are just applying a generic set of “best practices” that have absolutely no basis on what is happening in the search results for your specific keyword right now.

It’s kind of a “dumb” score so to speeak.

That is precisely why we…

Follow The Surfer SEO Guidelines

If you’ve been:

  • Creating content with Surfer SEO’s content editor
  • And following their guidelines

You can skip this step because your content is already perfectly optimized.

If not:

I recommend you sign up for their free trial and use it to check if your content is optimised.

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 Surfer SEO is the power of observation on STEROIDS.

It pulls down the current live search results then analyses over 500 different ranking factors to ensure your content is exactly where it needs to be.

You can follow the steps in this guide to learn how to use it.

But honestly you should just have all of your content created with their content editor, then it comes out right the first time – every time.

Final Thoughts…

I’ve got some great news!

You’re ready to create and publish your content!

If you’ve not written your first piece of content or the supporting content yet, go and get the main piece of content written now at a bare minimum!

Then I’ll show you the correct way to publish them.

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