Publishing Your Content

You’ve worked hard.

You’ve researched. You’ve written. You’ve optimized.

Now, you’re ready to publish.

But before you do I want to discuss the best way to approach it.

Content Breakdown: This Is The Best FPV Racing Drone

Let’s first break down an example piece of content.

This is the main piece I’ll publish on my drone site to target the keyword: best FPV racing drone.

pasted image 0 42

The post is written to fit my:

  • Avatar
  • Writing guidelines
  • Content specification

I’ve included a table of contents after the intro:

pasted image 0 43

This is supported by my clear use of headings and subheadings:

pasted image 0 40

I’ve ensured all of my lists are presented using bullet points:

I’ve included relevant images to break up the page:

pasted image 0 45

To add extra value I’ve added a comparison table…

pasted image 0 41

…and included a FAQ-style buyer’s guide at the bottom of the post:

pasted image 0 37

This post is READY to go online.

How To Publish Your New Content

There are 2x ways you can publish your content:

  1. All at once
  2. One after the other

Personally, I prefer to upload all of my content at once.

This means I prepare and publish my:

  • Focus content
  • Supporting pieces

At the exact same time. Why?

Because I find this helps make everything that comes next much easier. You can easily establish topic authority and explore opportunities to build:

  • Internal links
  • External links

But I know the “all at once” strategy isn’t always possible. If this is the case, then you should:

  1. Publish your main content
  2. And I’ll guide you on when to publish the rest of it later in this course


If you want to do how we do it, you should publish the main content and supporting content all at the same time.

It take’s a bit of time to prepare, but then you can cross it off your list and focus on more fun things like increasing rankings.

Final Thoughts…

Once you’ve published your main piece of content you need to add internal links to it.

If you are working on an existing site, theres likely a bunch of places we can score some quick win internal link juice.

And if you are publishing your main content and supporting content together, there’s a few tricks we can use with our internal linking strategy.

In the next module, I’ll show you how to do just that.

Before you move on though…
If you’ve published all of your content, you’ve done the hardest bit.

It’s smooth sailing from here on out.

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