Selecting Supporting Content

Supporting content is VERY important.

It will:

  • Improve authority
  • Increase relevancy
  • Engage users
  • Create internal link opportunities
  • Create link building opportunities

 But you need to create supporting content strategically.
Let’s look at how…

How To Select Supporting Content Pieces

Supporting content is anything that relates to your target keyword.  They’re standalone published pieces that provide depth to the topic on your site.

Ideally, you will create a ‘series’ of relevant posts using your keywords.

For example, for my content that might be (keywords in italics):

  • Main Post: The Best FPV Racing Drone For You
  • Supporting posts:
    • How Much Does A Racing Drone Cost?
    • The Ultimate Guide To Racing Drone Kits
    • What Is The World’s Fastest Racing Drone?

Each supporting piece is relevant. I could internal link to each of them to provide context.

supporting content


There is so much more to selecting your supporting content, so please watch this to see the process in action:

Go through your own list to see what opportunities are available.

Aim to create 3x to 4x pieces of supporting content.

And, remember the principle of:

  • High ROI
  • Low time-investment

While you do it!

Don’t Forget To Leverage Ego Bait

In the 9x content frameworks module we looked at expert roundups and ego bait…

I like this type of content because they appeal to the person’s ego.

It makes them more likely to:

  • Share posts on their social feeds
  • Link back to the post
  • Create a relationship with you (great for guest posting, etc.)

Take this post from Drone Enthusiast.pasted image 0 7

This is PURE ego bait.

It’s a list of industry blogs, ranked. Anyone on this list will share it with their fans.

The key is to try and tie these posts into your keyword research:

2020 01 14 15 41 02

The “best drone blogs” post would be perfect for me because it ties in with every topic.

Here’s a video breakdown of this:

Think of some ego bait posts yourself and add them to your Topic Research Spreadsheet.

Final Thoughts…

Congratulations on making it this far.

It takes guts to slow down, work thoroughly and make intelligent decisions.

But I hope you are starting to see how the process comes together. Every decision we make in our strategy, supports the next decision.

Lets have a quick recap of your strategy so far…

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