Spot Check #2 – Mobile vs Desktop Pagespeed

Google is a speed demon.

They’re pretty open about how they favour fast websites.

And if you have ever read the “How Google Works” book you’ll know just how obsessed Google are with speed.


Because they know the longer a user sees a symbol like this:

The more likely they are to leave a page.


That’s why they created Google Page Speed Score…

What Is Google Page Speed Score?

Google Page Speed Score is how fast Google THINKS your page is.

They give you a score from 0x to 100x:

  • 0x is the slowest
  • 100x is the fastest

They also give you a different score for:

  • Mobile
  • Desktop

The closer you are to 100x, the better.

Let’s take a look at how “quick” your site is in Google’s eyes…

How To Check Google Page Speed Scores

Head to the Google Page Speed Insights tool.

Enter your homepage URL:


Click “Analyze”.

You can then see the results for mobile:


And desktop:


Like in the last lesson, you’re going to:

  1. Repeat this for your 5x URLs
  2. Add the data to the Google Sheet

As you can see my desktop results are good but leave a lot to be desired.

But my mobile scores suck.

This is a real problem because of that whole mobile-first indexing thing we were talking about!

Final Thoughts…

Looks like I’ve got some real problems to fix, eh?

I guess you do too because it’s rare I come across a site that doesn’t.

But let’s continue our investigation with GMetrix to see how fast things actually load in the real world.

(I’m not looking forward to this!)

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