Spot Check #4 – Calculating Visitor Loss

In the last lesson I showed you that slow sites lose money.

But how much money is your site losing?


You’re about to find out.

Enter Google’s new tool…

How To Estimate Profit Loss

Think With Google is a new mobile initiative.

As a tool, it tests your site speed on mobile devices.

It then compares your speed with your business data to estimate your lost profit.

You’re going to use the data from this tool to fill out the “Google Estimated Annual Revenue Loss” section of your spreadsheet.

Head to the Think With Google site.


Enter your homepage URL.

It will then run a test on your site to check mobile speed.

Once it generates a report, scroll down to section number 2.

Here you will enter your:

  • Average monthly visitors
  • Conversion rate
  • Average order value (or average affiliate commission)

And Google will work out how much income you’re losing out on.

As you can see I’m hemorrhaging money:


Not good!

Add the cash amount to your spreadsheet:


And because this tool operates on the domain level…

…there is no need to repeat the test for the other URL’s in your sheet – just the homepage. The sheet will auto fill the values for you.

Final Thoughts…

Don’t worry just yet.

This will improve as we tackle other problems.

There’s still another couple of tests to run.

Let’s take a look under the hood at your structured site data…

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