Table Of Contents

Table of contents might be three of the most boring words on the planet.


Adding a table of contents like this:

Clickable Table of Content

Can give you a significant SEO and human advantage!

Why You Need A Table Of Contents

Since adding them across my network, I’ve seen a big increase in:

  • Search engine traffic
  • Click through rates
  • Dwell time

The first 2 benefits come from the table of contents impact on Google’s SERPs.

When you add a table of contents like this you also add clickable links to your results.

Like this:

Clickable Links Google SERPs

This has two incredible effects:

  1. Google sees this as a better user experience
  2. Users have the option to click through to the most relevant section

The increased click-through rate from users also provides a boost to your rankings.

Not bad for a “boring” table of contents right?

The final benefit is that they help to create a hook for your readers.

If you create teasing subheadings, you can entice your readers to read long before they ever scroll.

Adding A Table Of Contents To Your Page

Want to know the best part?

Creating your table of contents is free.

All you need to do is download a WordPress plugin like Table Of Contents Plus

…then install it!

Once installed, it will do most of the heavy lifting for you automatically if you want:

Or you can place your table of contents manually using the [toc] shortcode. I tend to place it before the first H2-

Final Thoughts…

This is a simple easy step that has a big impact on your site.


Let’s make sure your content is properly optimized to perform in search…

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