week 1

Welcome to the 90 Day SEO program!

I am very excited for you to get started as soon as possible because I am going to teach you all of the repeatable strategies that you need to find SEO success.

We are going to cover everything from foundation SEO all the way through to systemizing content creation and link building.

Honestly there is a lot to cover but once you have finished the course you will have every process that you need to grow your search traffic.

Please Pay Close Attention

Before we get started I want to stress how important it is to follow the steps as laid out in the course.

Each week builds on and leads into the next week so make sure that you are implementing what you learn as you follow along.

This isn’t always going to be fun or easy but everything is laid out sequentially for a reason.

And as this is a complete SEO program:

I imagine you are going to read some parts and feel it’s a bit basic or that you already know it all. But please don’t assume anything, I want you to start with a “blank canvas” in your mind so pay attention or you might miss something important.

Join The Private Facebook Community

Before we get into the program I would like to invite you to join the private Facebook group.

This is a community of like minded people that are also building their search traffic.

Feel free to ask any questions you have within the group – the community supports each other, shares ideas and helps each other solve SEO problems.

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Navigating The Program

I have broken everything down for you to follow step by step through a number of weekly lessons. Each weekly lesson has a number of sub topics and tasks for you to work through.

As you go through the course you need to mark each step as complete to move forward.

To do that – just press the big next/mark complete button at the end of each topic/lesson.

This will allow you to move onto the next topic/lesson.


Over the comings weeks I am going to share tons of worksheets, templates, scripts and spreadsheets with you to make the journey as easy as possible.

So are you ready to take control of your search traffic?

Then let’s get started right away because I’m pumped and there is no time like the present…

Scanning Your Site For Issues

Today is the final day of your spot check audit. We’ve used manual review and the power of observation to find and document problems across our site. Now: We’re going to perform one last audit. This will scan your entire site for any remaining issues and complete our action plan to get your site SEO ready. AGAIN: Do not …

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Week In Review

Now you know which topics to focus on, we just need to figure out which keywords to target. But before we do that, we need to make sure you have built a website with a healthy on page SEO foundation. Why? Because good on page SEO is critical to ranking your website. It means your site is: …

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Primary Topic Selections

Now you’ve pulled down as much data for your target niche as possible, I am going to show you how to choose the right keywords within each topic to focus on. This means choosing keywords that match: Your website’s intent Your audience’s needs Remember:We learned how to determine the value of a keyword earlier and you should have that …

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How To Turn Topics Into Keywords

With your list of topics in place, it’s time to look at how you can turn them into keywords. We do this by looking for keywords related to your topic along with other important metrics, like: Search volume Keyword difficulty Then we can use that as a basis to form the most efficient plan of attack possible. …

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The Crash Course To Keyword Research

In this module, we are going to explore… Keyword Research. Keyword research is an important part of any successful website’s SEO strategy. If performed correctly your site will attract thousands of relevant visitors every month that convert into leads, sales and profit. Get this wrong thought and you might just attract a ton of freebie …

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The Most Common SEO Problems I See

In this first module of the 90Day SEO course, we’re going to look at SEO problems. Specifically: We’re going to highlight all the problems you will be able to fix by the time you’re done. By understanding the most common problems you learn: What to look for on a site How to systematically improve a site Plus it’s way cheaper to …

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