week 3

This week we’re looking a much closer look at on page SEO for reasons we discussed earlier.


We’re going to go through and discover all of the current SEO problems on your site.


  • Take a handful of URLs
  • Test them for issues

Before performing a full SEO audit on your site.

Believe me when I say:

Nearly every website has issues.

So don’t worry about whatever state your website is in right now.

To prove this to you, I’m going to perform all of these tests on my award-winning SEO blog

It’s been over a year since my last audit.

That means there are definitely some nasty issues lurking beneath the surface I need to fix.

So, let’s get to it…

4x Common On Page SEO Problems

There are 4x on page SEO problems most sites suffer from:

  1. Slowness: pages don’t load quickly
  2. Not responsive: doesn’t work on mobile devices
  3. Missing factors: key SEO factors don’t appear
  4. Duplicate content: pages show up multiple times

So we’re going to focus on finding all of these problems to see where we stand before doing anything else.

Pick Your Pages: The 5x URLs You’re Going To Test

You’ll need 5x page URLs to perform this week’s “spot check” tests.

These 3x pages are compulsory:

  1. Your home page
  2. Your category page
  3. Your “heaviest page” with the most images or content

If you’re not sure which page is your “heaviest” you can use a tool like GTMetrix to find out.

(My “heaviest page” is this blog post at 11.8mb.)

Once you have these URLs you can choose any 2x:

  • Blog posts (preferably review-focused)
  • Product pages
  • Other content-heavy pages

You’ll then need to make a copy of this Google Sheet


…and add your URLs to the first tab, “URLs to Spot Check”:

Now we’re ready to run through some tests this week…

Lesson Materials

Spot Check #1 – Mobile Indexing

Let’s face it: The world has gone mobile. Since 2015, Google has received more daily searches on mobile than desktop. That’s why in 2018 Google made a big change in how they do things:  They became a mobile-first platform. Which is why the first test we’re going to run will look to see if your site is mobile-friendly. What Is …

Spot Check #1 – Mobile Indexing Read More »

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