week 5


Last week you built your castle on rock!


  • Audited your site
  • Found problem areas
  • Fixed them

This put you ahead of 99% of other SEOs who don’t even both to learn this stuff.

Now, it’s time to take a closer look at content and keywords.

We are going to turn your well-built website into a well-ranking content machine.

By the end of this module you will:

  • Understand how content creation works
  • Have the skills to confidently create useful content
  • Have a repeatable content strategy for the future
  • Know precisely which content to produce first

Even if you’ve never written a piece of content in your life.

Sound good?

Well, let’s not hang about then…

  1. Finding Your Focus
  2. Expand Your Focus Topics
  3. Select Your Final Keywords & Topics
  4. 9x Surefire Content Frameworks
  5. Generating Content Ideas
  6. Which Content Should I Create First?
  7. Selecting Supporting Content
  8. Your Final Strategy

Finding Your Focus

Cast your mind back to our primary topic selections in week 1. You used your topic research sheet to select relevant topics to your business. It should look something like this one: (Click here if you’re drawing a blank.) In the next few lessons we are going to choose just 1 of these core topics to focus on. This …

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Expand Your Focus Topics

Now you have 2-3 core focus topics chosen… I am going to show you how to expand on that list of core topics with related topics. For example: I have chosen “Drone Photography” as one of my core topics to investigate, but that also crosses over into topics like “Camera Drones”. So I am going to show you …

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Generating Content Ideas

Up until now we’ve only looked at content in theory. You’ve: Decided on which topics to focus on Selected which keywords to target Seen the 9x content frameworks Now it’s time to come up with some concrete content ideas. We’re going to: Pick some target keywords Review the SERPs Understand the intent Choose a content framework …

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Selecting Supporting Content

Supporting content is VERY important. It will: Improve authority Increase relevancy Engage users Create internal link opportunities Create link building opportunities  But you need to create supporting content strategically. Let’s look at how… How To Select Supporting Content Pieces Supporting content is anything that relates to your target keyword.  They’re standalone published pieces that provide depth to the topic on your …

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Your Final Strategy

Your final strategy should consist of: 1x main keyword 3-4x supporting pieces of content 1x ego bait post Here’s what I created for my drone photography topic: And what I created for my racing drone topic: If you DON’T have all these pieces in place, go back through the modules and repeat the steps until …

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Which Content Should I Create First?

The question we’re going to answer here is: Specifically… You’re going to decide which keywords are really worth your time. Then, you’re going to put them in order of priority. Here’s how… Eliminate Any Obvious Losers After using The Power of Observation to look at: Your keywords Current SERPs You can probably see some clear losers. These will likely be the …

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9x Surefire Content Frameworks

In the last lesson, we generated a list of target keywords and categorised them. Now we are going to look at the type of content you can use to bring them to life. There are 9 content frameworks I like to use depending on the topic or keyword. (More on that in a second.) They are: List post …

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