week 6


The content you create needs to be optimized for 2x audiences:

  • Google
  • Humans

If you can make them both LOVE your content, you’ll build a search traffic machine.


In this module, we’re going to take last week’s content ideas and turn them into pieces of content that both search engines and readers will love.

You’re going to learn:

  • The difference between amazing and mediocre content
  • How to create a writing specification
  • How to outsource and manage the content creation progress

By the end of it, you will have some incredible content to share on your site. (And start gaining real search traffic!)

Let’s go…

  1. What Is Excellent Content?
  2. Creating Your Writing Guidelines
  3. Creating A Content Specification
  4. How To Manage Content Creation
  5. Writing Yourself vs Outsourcing
  6. How To Write Great Content Yourself
  7. Creating Custom Graphics
  8. Adding “Pop” To Your Content
  9. Table Of Contents
  10. Optimising For Search
  11. Publishing Your Content
  12. Adding Internal Links
  13. Celebrate Your Success

What Is Excellent Content?

Here we’re going to answer the question: What makes excellent content? There is a huge chasm between excellent and bad content. You’ve definitely felt the satisfaction of clicking onto a good piece of content. And… You’ve definitely felt the bitter disappointment of clicking onto a bad piece.  But what is it exactly that separates the two? What makes it good …

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Creating Your Writing Guidelines

Writing guidelines make content creation 10x easier. Every successful site has them. Why? Because they make it easy to: Produce high-quality content Outsource to other writers Utilize ghost writers Your writing guidelines are a fail-safe decision-making reference. You use them to benchmark every piece of content before you publish it. Let’s start making yours. Figure Out Who You’re …

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Creating A Content Specification

Your writing guidelines are HOW you’ll write your post. Your content specification is WHAT you’ll write in your post. You can use them to either: Guide your writing Give exact instructions to a hired writer I’ve written a lot of blog posts in my time. I’ve also worked with a lot of writers. And, one lesson I’ve learned is: Content specifications are essential. …

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How To Manage Content Creation

The content creation process can be tricky!  It’s normal for people to struggle or feel overwhelmed by it. But this is easily avoidable. How? By creating a workflow to: Visualize the process Keep you organized Assign time-bound tasks I’m going to show you how to do this using Trello. How To Manage Content Creation Trello is a simple …

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Writing Yourself vs Outsourcing

Content creation is a bottleneck for most businesses. You need content for your website to generate income. But, you don’t always have time to create it yourself and you don’t want to sacrifice on quality. This can be made worse by: Not knowing how to hire a writer Not having the funds to do so So, what’re …

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Creating Custom Graphics

Written content is part of the battle… But not all of it. Custom graphics can help enhance your content and increase traffic. Here I’ll show you why you need them and how to make them. Why Create Custom Graphics? In past modules, I’ve shown you the impact images can have on your content using: Screenshots …

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Table Of Contents

Table of contents might be three of the most boring words on the planet. But… Adding a table of contents like this: Can give you a significant SEO and human advantage! Why You Need A Table Of Contents Since adding them across my network, I’ve seen a big increase in: Search engine traffic Click through rates Dwell …

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Optimising For Search

The last step we need to take is to OPTIMIZE your content for search. Don’t worry… This won’t take long. It just boils down to a simple 2x step process, using some tools you’re already familiar with. Use RankMath or Yoast SEO I said it in earlier modules and I’ll say it again now… You MUST use either RankMath …

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