week 6


The content you create needs to be optimized for 2x audiences:

  • Google
  • Humans

If you can make them both LOVE your content, you’ll build a search traffic machine.


In this module, we’re going to take last week’s content ideas and turn them into pieces of content that both search engines and readers will love.

You’re going to learn:

  • The difference between amazing and mediocre content
  • How to create a writing specification
  • How to outsource and manage the content creation progress

By the end of it, you will have some incredible content to share on your site. (And start gaining real search traffic!)

Let’s go…

  1. What Is Excellent Content?
  2. Creating Your Writing Guidelines
  3. Creating A Content Specification
  4. How To Manage Content Creation
  5. Writing Yourself vs Outsourcing
  6. How To Write Great Content Yourself
  7. Creating Custom Graphics
  8. Adding “Pop” To Your Content
  9. Table Of Contents
  10. Optimising For Search
  11. Publishing Your Content
  12. Adding Internal Links
  13. Celebrate Your Success

Adding Internal Links

Phew! You’ve done the hard bit. The only thing left to do this week is to add the internal links to your content. This will connect your main content and the supporting pieces and it’ll also give a huge boost to our overall SEO efforts. Why Is Internal Link Building Important? Internal links give you control over …

Adding Internal Links Read More »

Publishing Your Content

You’ve worked hard. You’ve researched. You’ve written. You’ve optimized. Now, you’re ready to publish. But before you do I want to discuss the best way to approach it. Content Breakdown: This Is The Best FPV Racing Drone Let’s first break down an example piece of content. This is the main piece I’ll publish on my drone site to …

Publishing Your Content Read More »

Celebrate Your Success

Well done! You’ve done everything in your power to set yourself up for SEO success. How does it feel? At this point you should have: Written and published your main piece & supporting pieces of content! If you haven’t done that yet, go and do it now because you cannot continue until you have. You have a …

Celebrate Your Success Read More »

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