Weekly Recap

This has been a pretty busy week to say the least!

And at this stage you should have started to build your castle on a solid foundation of rock-

  • You setup Google Analytics for SEO success
  • You unlocked the benefits of Google Search Console
  • You got setup with Bing
  • You are monitoring uptime with UptimeRobot
  • You setup various Google Alerts (this will come in handy later)
  • You setup the Rank Math SEO plugin
  • You learned about the most important on page SEO factors

If you haven’t done any of that you better go back and get it done before hitting that complete button!

I know some of it may seem trivial but trust me, if you want to execute an effective SEO strategy these are all pieces of the puzzle you need to have in place.

So go and get them setup right now, because next we are going to take a deeper dive into the world of on page SEO…

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